Bussiness introduction

Bussiness domain

  The main business of Chengdu Gaotong Isotope Co., Ltd. includes: research and development, production and sales of radioisotope products and new products related to the application of nuclear technology; Investment management of real-time labeling radio pharmaceutical center, nuclear medicine application technology promotion center and nuclear technology service and related industries; Import and export trade; Radioactive articles and general transportation; Sales of dangerous chemicals and class III medical devices.

  Our main products include: Iodine [131I] sodium oral solution, Strontium Chloride [89Sr] injection, gel 99Mo-99mTc generator, Co-60 gamma knife treatment sources, Co-60 industrial sources, nondestructive inspection sealed source, Instrumentation sources, and blood irradiation sources; And we can provide users with one-stop solution of radioactive sources application. Nuclear technology application services which mainly include inversion of all kinds of industrial and medical sealed radioactive sources, transportation of radioactive materials, decommissioning, recycling and disposal of waste radioactive sources, decommissioning of industrial and medical source related equipment and facilities, etc.